Zews becomes Evil Geniuses Coach

Evil Geniuses has officially announced that Wilton zews Prado has become a CS: GO roster. For the first time, rumors about the appointment of the Brazilian appeared on April 9 – information was shared by insider Yarek DeKay Lewis.

Prado resigned from the MIBR and became a free agent in late March. According to him, the team was far from the results that it planned to achieve after updating the composition. Zews has been working with the team since December 2018, but under his leadership the team was not able to gain a foothold in the top 10 of the HLTV rating.

Evil Geniuses were left without a coach in early April. According to Lewis, former Chef ImAPet mentor Sin disagreed with players Peter stanislaw Yarguz and Tarik tarik Tselik. Sin later confirmed this information when he terminated the contract with the club.


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