Zeus: “I haven’t played Counter-Strike for a month and a half. I don’t want to enter the game at all “

Former Ukrainian cybersportsman Daniil Zeus Teslenko said that he practically did not launch CS: GO lately. In an interview for the OTDUSHDUSHU channel, he admitted that it is hard for him to play without inspiration and sometimes he has to force himself because of obligations to sponsors.

“I don’t play at all. I haven’t played Counter-Strike for about a month now. There just has to be inspiration. I have to get a kick out of this. On the contrary, I forced myself to play after a while. I have some sponsors, with whom, under a contract, I have to play a certain number of hours a month, stream some kind … Now I’m translating this more on YouTube in order to do some content there, because I don’t want to play at all. I can’t play, I’ve already played enough for 20 years. I watch Counter-Strike a lot. I like to watch and worry about the team. I am looking for NAVI.”

On October 29, Teslenko’s new blog was released on Cybersport.ru. In it, the Ukrainian gamer talked about meeting Alexander s1mple Kostylev and how his return to Natus Vincere went after leaving Gambit Esports.

Also, Former Natus Vincere CS: GO captain Daniil Zeus Teslenko spoke about the role in which he would return to the club. Teslenko told about this in an interview with Eugene HarisPilton Zolotarev.

“If I were in NAVI, then as a coach. I had such thoughts. Especially the first time I left. Crazy withdrawal for the game, for the guys and for the organization. It seems to be happiness, freedom, I have been waiting for it for so long, but on the other hand, something is not right. But the moment came when it let go, and I already began to miss the victories. NAVI are those guys with whom you could go and bomb everyone. You have to be a fanatic. There should be 100%, 200% return. There is no other way to win. You have to get carried away from this, get high. I probably would look myself at such a role.”

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