Zeus: “I don’t see myself as a coach or player. I am 32 years old, I am very tired “

Daniil Zeus Teslenko said that he does not want to become a team coach in CS: GO or resume a player’s career. One of the reasons for this decision, the former captain Natus Vincere called his age – now he is 32 years old. Teslenko spoke about this in a video for his personal channel on Telegram.

“I don’t see myself as a full-fledged coach or player, honestly. I am 32 years old, I am very tired. After Gambit, I did not think that I would find the strength within myself to come to NAVI and do a great job, so that we really would win tournaments, so that we would be in the top.

In fact, when I left, NAVI had everything prepared for them to progress and play further. The only strategic mistake made by the leadership, I believe, is to take the GuardiaN at the moment when they needed not a sniper, but just some kind of strong opornik. ”

Zeus added that now he began to devote more time to streams, but spending eight hours at the computer became difficult for him.

In the video, Teslenko also described how he decided to end the player’s career.

“To be honest, leaving the NAVI was very difficult. It was bitter and insulting in terms of the fact that these are my friends and comrades, that we have this path and we are together. In general, ending a player’s career was very difficult. But I understood that this must be done sooner or later, and I thought that that moment – after the major – is the best one to do this.

Going to a full-fledged coach is again the same thing. I am mentally and possibly not physically ready for this. ”


Former NAVI captain noted that he wants to continue to work in e-sports. Zeus said that the CS: GO Professional Academy was among the projects he is currently working on. According to him, the development of ideas is hindered by the situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

Zeus previously said it misses the competitive scene of CS: GO. He also noted that the pro100 organization helped him cope with the period after the completion of a player’s career.

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