Zeus about returning to the stage as a coach: “If the moment is right, why not?”

Former professional CS: GO player Daniil Zeus Teslenko speculated about returning to the stage as a coach. In the Respawn podcast, he noted that he likes the idea of ​​becoming Natus Vincere’s mentor, including for the sake of returning to the team.

Teslenko said that now he needs to implement all the planned projects and wait for the right moment. For example, he would not be very interested in being a coach now – without LAN tournaments.

“The NAVI coach is cool. Especially with the guys with whom you played for so long, and we were really friends. We had a great time, even despite some inconsistencies and disagreements. Anyway, we all remember those times with warmth, and I am very glad that we communicate well to this day.

It’s just that when we parted, they felt some kind of loss, and I felt the same. And this period was quite difficult for all of us, and we did not fully understand how to behave. Now we communicate with the guys so sincerely, and I directly feel that the warm relations and memories that we had have survived. And I see at the moment players who are progressing and with whom I have done a lot of work. And they’re just machines now. Especially electronic with S1mple. Of course, with such guys it would be very cool to catch a wave and ride everyone to break it. “

Zeus added that in order to return as a coach, he needs to find the motivation for a permanent job. Teslenko does not exclude that this may happen in the future.

“We have to come to this. Because the coach is the same player. These are the same 10-12 hours of work, but somewhere else and more. Only the only thing that is no longer in the role of a player who sits and shoots. You need motivation, not to be distracted by something else, etc. Therefore, you just have to come to this. And if there is such a moment, then why not? We’ll see”.

Earlier, Zeus discussed the possibility of returning to the CS: GO stage as a coach with the head of NAVI Yevgeny HarisPilton Zolotarev. Then he noted that he had already thought about this option for continuing his career.

Zeus retired as a professional CS: GO player on September 14, 2019. The last tournament for him was BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019, in which NAVI took the last place.


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