YEKINDAR about BIG: “Playing against them is a great pleasure, and winning is twice as joyful”

The player of CS: GO roster Marek YEKINDAR Galinskis shared his emotions after the team reached the final of the winners of Flashpoint Season 2. In the post-match interview, the cybersportsman also told how he was gaining shape, what secret Sanjar SANJI Kuliev shared with him and whom he would like to meet in the decisive match of the upper bracket of the playoffs.

“Great emotions after the victory. BIG is an incredible team, especially in terms of individual play. TabseN, XANTARES, k1to are the players I look up to when I play FPL. I learned from them a lot of what I know now. Playing against them is a great pleasure, and winning is doubly joyful.

It was a great game. At Vertigo we didn’t succeed because our defense plan was a little wrong. Overpass was crazy too. I am glad”.

According to YEKINDAR, he now spends a lot of time in CS: GO:
“Now I play 14 hours a day. Everything is getting better, I get back in shape. SANJI also told me about a cold shower in the morning, I tried it once – I liked it. It invigorates. “ will experiment with a map pool depending on the opponent, Galinskis admitted:

“We only picked Dust2 and Inferno, but we have all the cards at about the same level, so we can experiment with them depending on the opponent. It’s not about BIG, this applies to any opponent. “


In the next match, YEKINDAR would like to play with Fnatic, because his friends from FACEIT Pro League play there:

“Perhaps I would like to play with Fnatic. I’m used to playing with JW, flusha and Brollan in the FPL, so I think it will be easier for me. I don’t know how individual MIBR members play ”.

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