X-ray scanner for cases added to CS:GO

On the night of October 1, Valve released a patch for CS:GO, which applies only to users from France. In the update, the developers added a special item “X-ray scanner” (in the form of a model of the gun P250 | X-Ray), which allows you to bypass the ban on lootboxes in this country.

Using a scanner, CS: GO fans from France will be able to find out the contents of the container before opening it – this way the law on lootboxes will not be violated. However, the scanning mechanics are designed so that the user cannot “enlighten” the next container until he opens the previous one. Along with the introduction of the scanner, Valve forbade users from France to buy containers on the Marketplace on Steam, but they can still sell them.

“X-ray scanner” – an exclusive item that cannot be sold, exchanged or transferred. Recall that any fraud with changing the IP address to French to obtain a scanner can lead to account lockout.

Excerpt from Valve rule: “You agree not to use IP proxies or other methods to hide your place of residence in order to circumvent geographical restrictions on game content, purchase a game at a price that does not match your region, or for any other reason. Otherwise, Valve may block your access to your account. ”

In addition to the scanner, the developers also fixed localization files for eleven languages, including Ukrainian.

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