Woro2k after praise from s1mple: “Raised my HR a little bit and became more confident.”

MAD Lions CS: GO player Vladimir Woro2k Veletnyuk spoke about his relationship with Natus Vincere sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev. In the Parimatch esports podcast on YouTube, he stated that the praise from Kostylev gave him confidence.

“To be honest, I was shocked when s1mple announced that he would see me in the top 10 of the HLTV rating in the future. Slightly raised my sense of self-importance and became more confident. I played a couple of games with s1mple before. On the FPL, he sometimes gives me a slot. ”

Veletnyuk also said that he could become a Natus Vincere Junior player, but he could not qualify for the team.

“There was a chance to get into NAVI Junior, but at that time I hadn’t played CS: GO for six months. 20 people took the test for the team. I played not on my devices from the cyber club in Kiev. I played two maps, in the first place it seems to be finished. However, after the second map, I was told that I was not suitable. I had communication problems then. I could still shoot somehow, but it was difficult to communicate then, since I hadn’t done it for a long time. ”

Woro2k joined MAD Lions on March 23rd. The Spanish club has gathered an international line-up. Before the transfer, the esportsman tried to get into the forZe team. FACEIT accused Veletnyuk of conspiring with Vladislav 5lav Tikhonov, as a result of which Woro2k was supposed to enter the FPL-Challenger division. Both players were banned in the league system for six months.

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