Winstrike introduces three rookies of CS:GO roster

Aydin KrizzeN Turlybekov from AVANGAR and Victor Lack1 Boldyrev from Se7en eSports joined the Winstrike Team in CS:GO. The third newcomer was Abay HObbit Khasenov, who was rented from HellRaisers. The organization announced this on its website.

David n0rb3r7 Danielyan left the squad, who, according to Winstrike coach Ivan Johnta Shevtsov, does not fit into the team due to his playing role. The captain was Alexei Elian Gusev. The announcement also says that thanks to the presence of three players from Kazakhstan, Winstrike will be able to participate in the WESG 2019: Kazakhstan playoffs.

Winstrike will hold the first match in the updated roster on October 7 at the WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 2 vs. Natus Vincere Junior. The meeting will begin at 20:00 Moscow time.

Earlier it became known that n0rb3r7 can go to Syman Gaming on a rental basis. In September, John Edward Sukharev left Winstrike.

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