Winners of the first CS: GO Major – where are they now? Part 2.

We are tells what the members of that roster are doing.


Despite the merits of JW and flusha, it would be unfair to say nothing about znajder, because he performed at DreamHack Winter 2013 no worse (and in some matches better) teammates. However, as time has shown, znajder did not become for JW and flusha what KRiMZ eventually became.

The e-sports story of znajder is quite tragic. Six months after winning DreamHack Winter, the Fnatic team reshuffled. Olofmeister and KRiMZ joined the team, devilwalk moved to the slot of the coach, and znajder was out of work – he simply could not find a place in the team. And this hit the player psychologically, since then he has not reached the heights of CS.

“I am very surprised and disappointed. But disappointed not in the sense as you might think. The thought, which does not give me peace for a minute, is not about being kicked and my playing career is most likely over, but rather about how it all happened. ”

They excluded znajder from Fnatic not very beautifully: flusha and pronax did not even say goodbye to him. The Swede’s personal problems were superimposed on the kick: a girl broke up with him, whom he had met for 2.5 years, and then he got addicted to drugs. After that, the esportsman’s career went downhill.

But now, it seems, everything is getting better with znajder! He no longer dreams of a successful career in Counter-Strike, but the Swede took care of himself, seriously pumped up and even began to earn money as a model

And Lindbergh was very fascinated by the Rocket League, from which he actively shares in the social networks. Who knows, maybe we will see the first transit of a pro player from CS: GO not to Valorant, but to racing football from Psyonix.



To be honest: devilwalk has always been a fairly average player, but at the same time he managed to make an extremely successful career in CS: GO.

After winning DreamHack Winter 2013, the player was very excited: in an interview with Tomi lurppis Kovanenu, he said that this was his first great success in his gaming career. And as it turned out, the latter.

Six months after the championship, Fnatic changed the composition, and devilwalk moved to the position of coach of the team. What is noteworthy, the Swede is the only cybersportsman in the world who won the major both as a player and as a coach.

After leaving Fnatic, Lundberg decided to play again, but to no avail: he changed many teams, but did not achieve any significant success. Now devilwalk is training GODSENT, which is being run by the last Fnatic member to be discussed.


At one time, pronax was, if not the best, then definitely the most successful captain in CS: GO. It was he who led Fnatic to three major championships. And although it is generally accepted that the team did a lot thanks to the individual skill, after leaving pronax the Fnatic majors no longer won.

At the end of 2015, the backbone of Fnatic decided that pronax was no longer needed by the team, and Walsten decided to create his own team, now known as GODSENT. Until 2019, pronax unsuccessfully continued his gaming career, but in the end decided to focus on management. And I must admit, while he is doing well.

In 2019, GODSENT merged with another Swedish organization – The Final Tribe, and the club’s affairs gradually began to improve. Now GODSENT, although it occupies only 31st place in the rating, the composition of the club is very promising: if the team finds a new, more powerful captain than kRYSTAL, then it is likely to be able to fight for the highest places in tournaments. Well, pronax seems to take great pleasure in his new job in eSports.

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