Where can you buy skins for CS GO


Today we continue to talk about things in games, but in this case – about the items of the game CS GO. Many of you are fans of this game and a huge part of the fans are actively replenish their inventory by not only winning, but buying and exchanging new items of your favorite game. In this article we will talk about how you can get one or another skin for CS GO, we exclude roulette or any other casino platform, since we do not get any guarantees of what we win and get the thing, in fact – the object itself It may be accidental, but it is not something to which we aspire.

In this article we are talking about objects of exchange platforms and the sale of these items stores, including the Steam Store. At the moment, sources for new items enormous mass, but they are very similar to their the assortment and prices, the main criteria for the store evaluation can be considered as the width of the assortment – the total number of items and the presence of the most rare and valuable of them, the activity of trading platform – is how quickly things bought and sold in other words – the number of active users of the site, updating the range – the frequency of appearance of new items and how quickly there are novelties, and of course the price – the purchase price is the most important part for any customer, and from the store – the main issue is to what percentage of the sale to take, because an overwhelming percentage of sales based on the principle – from one person to another, and the market is only a kind of middleman in these affairs and its profits – a percentage of sales. Primordial favorite in the selection of such stores is Steam Market – always here will be the biggest choice is almost always going to be the first store that will offer the newest items and its only weak point is the tax of fifteen percent if we are talking about CS GO, which is a very significant amount in in money equivalent – think for yourself, if you want to sell the value of one hundred dollars, to get its full value, you have to sell it at the price of one hundred and fifteen dollars, which may be significantly higher than the amount which will be specified one of the first that It can significantly slow down the sales process, which is one of the most important components of the sales process. While some sites do not take such a tax at all.

Among other things this tax is an active influence on pricing is not only store but also on other sites, because the API data, which is used on all sites to determine the price of the object, in turn, depends on the Steam store sales. Summarizing all prices and products in ultimately revolve around the Steam Store, and any changes of it are not expected in the near future.

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