What do we know about gla1ve, the best captain in CS: GO history?

On May 19, Astralis announced that team captain Lucas gla1ve Rossander would be inactive for three months to improve his health and rest. For 3.5 years, he led the team to four major championships: he is deservedly considered the strongest leader in CS: GO history. But few people know what he did before joining Astralis – we correct this annoying misunderstanding.

Instead of CS, gla1ve could play football. As an esportsman admitted, in his youth he played football “at a fairly high level,” but in the end he chose CS. Even then, Rossander realized that one talent is not enough – you need to work hard to achieve heights. As you can see, he more than succeeded.

Gla1ve started in Counter-Strike with the Source version. Rossander began his professional career in 2010 and chose Source. This version in Denmark (as in many other European countries) was more popular than 1.6, although the most famous Danish team at that time – mTw with zonic – was chopped with NAVI in 1.6. Rossander spent two years at Source and during that time managed to play under the tags Reason Gaming and Epsilon Esports.

At the beginning of his career he was considered a cheater. The Dane told HLTV about this: according to him, in CS: Source many doubted his honesty, and this very annoyed Rossander.

Over the course of a career, gla1ve has changed over 20 teams. Before Astralis, Rossander did not stay in teams for more than six months.

In the early years of his career, gla1ve played on the same team as HUNDEN. At the same time, the team (talking about Epsilon, and later Copenhagen Wolves) was very good: in 2012, he got into the top 3 at the then prestigious Copenhagen Games.

On one of the LANs, he made a scandal over a girl – he almost got into a fight with a partner, for which he was kicked out of the team. It was at the end of 2014 at the Danish GDK tournament. Then gla1ve played under the tag Copenhagen Wolves, where he was captain. Rossander wanted his girlfriend to be nearby during the matches (by the way, also an eSportswoman – Julie Juliebabz Kokholm), but the vacant slot of the team manager was occupied by the passion of another team member – Nico. There are no other details about the situation, but it is known that what happened greatly infuriated gla1ve: he made a scandal, after which he got banned at GDK tournaments, was fined and kicked out of the squad.

Because of the scandal, gla1ve was thinking of ending his career in CS. After what happened gla1ve took some time to think – is it worth continuing to play? The Dane seriously planned to find a regular job: for three months he was engaged in sales by phone (and he liked it!), But in the end he realized that he wanted to achieve heights in Counter-Strike.

Gla1ve’s career went uphill when he played Heroic. At the beginning of 2016, the team was also called Team X: gla1ve was then the captain, but the role of the in-game leader affected his statistics: he began to sag very much. As a result, he was replaced by Snappi as captain, and Rossander began to noticeably add, and subsequently Astralis invited him. Well, then you know.

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