“We want to launch the second Virtus.pro roster for CS: GO”

The head of Virtus.pro club Sergey Glamazda commented on the results of the VP.Prodigy Dota 2 roster. He also said that the organization plans to put together a second CS: GO roster.

“They are young in terms of age, but the result is already showing good. It is clear that there is a lot of skepticism about the future. Even Puppey said that such compositions appeared, but then disappeared … I don’t argue, this may be, but my task inside the club is to solve these problems together with the guys. Even in the first six months there can be some kind of rotation – this is normal. In the end, we created this composition in order to be able and test some hypotheses. ”

Glamazda noted that the club plans to conduct a separate selection of players for the second roster in CS: GO.

“We want to launch the second roster on CS: GO. I will not hide, we have had this idea for a long time. She will now be modified to search for talent. One of the options that we are considering is building part of the team by direct scouting – there are leagues like FPL where you can look at strong players. The second is to make a selection in which anyone can go through certain tournaments and get a contract with us. There is a good analogue – this is the UFC Contender Series. This is what I would like to see. I often receive complaints that we supposedly do not allow players to develop, if “Petya” knows “Vasya”, then “Vasya” is easier to get into Virtus.pro. Therefore, in order to create an environment of honesty and transparency, there must be a system in which you understand the rules of the game: if you want to become a VP.Prodigy player – please show the result, we will contact you, see, and you will get a chance to become part of the team and do not think that you did not hit because you do not know someone. “I want to put an end to these complaints and give a chance to really talented players to become part of the professional scene.”

On May 23, Virtus.pro announced the replacement of Timur Buster Tulepov with Marek YEKINDAR Galinskis, who had previously played for pro100.


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