“We deliberately looked for AWP, because the role of the riffler will allow Sanya to open up even better.” CEO Natus Vincere on CS: GO roster changes

Evgeny Zolotarev, CEO of Natus Vincere, explained why Ladislav GuardiaN Kovacs was invited to the CS: GO roster. According to him, the team was looking for a new sniper so that Alexander s1mple Kostylev could change his position and play more with assault rifles. Zolotaryov also told how the in-game roles in the team will be distributed after the departure of Danil Zeus Teslenko and why he is confident in the new coach Andrei B1ad3 Gorodensky.

On the life of the CS: GO roster after Zeus left

“This is a foretaste of something new, a new page. We are returning Ladik to the AWP position, and we will transfer Sasha to the riffler. The trainer will be the current sports director of Blad3. Another team is waiting for small permutations in terms of roles: Sasha will be the captain of the team, but Cyril will become the in-game leader. The team coordination within the game, rounds and so on will be done by Bumych, and Sanya will have disciplinary moments, atmosphere and communication. But all this should work in conjunction with the coach. There are no drooping moods. We, plus or minus, understood that Zeus would be the maximum in the team until the end of the year, until the end of the contract. So we were ready for change. ”


About the new coach

“In Andrei, as a coach, I am as confident as possible. I worked with him a little more than six months as a sports director. He has qualities rare for eSports: he is systemic, proactive, he loves to put everything on the shelves. It really impresses me. Our past squad lacked precisely this organization, despite their huge talent. We needed consistency in building the training process and discipline. ”


About the return of GuardiaN

“We were deliberately looking for AWP, because we believe that the role of the reinforcer will allow Sanaa to open up even better. There was no problem. We all understand that this step should benefit the team. Not because he plays poorly with AWP, no. He is one of the best in the world. We are confident that his contribution to the ridge is much higher.

Oddly enough, the initiative [on GuardiaN transfer] came from the players. We took a timeout to think, reflect on and see what other AWP options are. It was critical for us to find a Russian-speaking player, because we did not want to change the language of communication. In the CIS there are a couple of options, but for one reason or another, right now, they do not suit us. In the future, in a couple of years – maybe.”


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