“VP seemed to even get scared of Gambit at some point” – leniniw about the victory of Gambit Esports at IEM Katowice 2021

Commentator Konstantin leniniw Sivko spoke about the results of teams from the CIS at IEM Katowice 2021 CS: GO. In his opinion, Gambit Esports deservedly became the winner of the tournament, and its rival in the final Virtus.pro, according to the feelings of a caster, even experienced fear of an opponent. He reported this to Sports.ru.

“It is difficult to apply the phrase “shot once in a tournament” to Gambit, it fired for a very long time, it was just difficult to get to tier-1 tournaments. The very fact of reaching the final from the Play-in stage gave the guys such confidence that VP found it difficult. Had VP not returned to Vertigo, we would have seen a completely dry one-wicket final for, albeit a small, but outsider meeting. I got the impression that VP even got scared of Gambit at some point. In any case, this result is natural more than accidental. ”

Sivko highlighted the performance of Abai HObbit Khasenov at IEM Katowice 2021. The commentator also spoke positively about the captain of Gambit Esports Vladislav nafany Gorshkov.

“Oddly enough, Hobbit was surprised, especially in the final. Train and Overpass Abai brought in almost himself, incredible shooting and feeling for moments. We can say, of course, that Khasenov is already the champion of the Major, his play should be at a similar level. But if Shiro, Yekindar or Simpl were expected to play well, Hobbit remained in the shadow of the audience’s expectations. For me, the captain’s skill of Nafany was also revealed at the tournament. very charged, emotional, able to take matters into their own hands. “

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