Vega Squadron to sign CS: GO eSports Academy graduates

Participants in the CTRL PLAY eSports Academy will join the Vega Squadron CS:GO youth roster. Of the five graduates, the team will include three players – Dmitry dezlife Moskalev, Vitaly L1GH7n1nG- Lyubarets and Valery k3nqq Kostin.

Training at the academy began in February 2020. Initially, classes were held offline, but after they were transferred online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Head of Vega Squadron Alexei Kondakov noted that the organization is pleased to see a serious approach to education in e-sports.

“It’s nice to finally see a serious approach to education in our industry, and therefore we are pleased to invite graduate partners to the Vega Squadron Academy CS: GO team. In my opinion, the CTRL PLAY Academy was opened very on time, because eSports now needs new faces and new heroes. ”

On August 13, 2019, Vega Squadron suspended performances in the CS: GO discipline and put players on the transfer. The club’s past was represented by Dmitry jR Chervak, Igor crush Shevchenko, Denis seized Kostin, Alexander scoobyxie Marynich and Dmitry Dima Bandurka.

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