Valve ultimatums seven CS: GO teams due to conflict of interest

Valve ordered seven teams to resolve the conflict of interest before the start of the ESL One Rio 2020 major on CS: GO. First of all, it affected the owners of the Brazilian YeaH! Gaming, which represent MIBR, FaZe Clan and Evil Geniuses. This was reported by with reference to a letter from Valve to the clubs – the studio did not publish this information on its resources.

YeaH! Gaming has financial transfer arrangements with Immortals Gaming Club, the parent company of MIBR. At the same time, part of the club is owned by Epitasio TACO de Melo and Ricardo dead Sinigaglia from MIBR, Marcelo coldzera David from FaZe Clan and Wilton zews Prado – coach of Evil Geniuses.

One of the leaders of IGC Tomi lurppis Kovanen is also a shareholder of ENCE eSports. The Valve ultimatum applies to Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund. The esportsman is in favor of Team Dignitas, but still owns a stake in Ninjas in Pajamas.

Valve requires all these clubs and their representatives to resolve conflicts of interest before November – ESL One Rio 2020 major is planned for this month. Otherwise, these teams will not be able to participate in the championship.

In the context of CS: GO, we are talking about a situation where two or more teams that are affiliated in some way with each other compete in a particular competition, or about situations when teams are associated with the tournament operator itself.

In 2018, a conflict-of-interest rule was introduced at FACEIT Major. Participants were required to report on existing relations with other teams, however, the rule was not applied in practice – there were no rosters connected to each other in the decisive stage of the championship.

Over time, most clubs abandoned second squads, and holdings began to part with non-core teams. They forgot about the rule, but now it is again relevant. However, now everything is more interesting: it turned out that Valve will no longer regulate this issue, you will have to answer for the tournament operator, that is, in this case – ESL.

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