Valve improves CS:GO test client with latest update

Картинки по запросу csgo update

Recently, the CS:GO test client has been updated. Valve’s developers this time focused on correcting in-game bugs and local graphic defects. Complex patch eliminated the error of the neck hitbox, which did not allow the player to pick up weapons from the ground leaving him without active ammunition. Currently, it is not known when the patch will be included in the main version of the game. Latest CS:GO update affected the overall gameplay, including Nuke and Overpass maps.

List of general improvements:

  1. General changes of sound and weapons.
  2. Increased the quality of geometry of the maps by improving the reverberation effect.
  3. The sound of gratings destruction has been improved and their radius of audibility has been increased.
  4. Bullets passing the neck-head path are recorded as headshots.
  5. The action bug is eliminated when the player could not pick up the weapon.

Local changes of Nuke:

  1. The map is optimized for PC with low sound and graphic characteristics.
  2. Toxic is eliminated.
  3. Moved the box in the corner of point B, removed the gap between silos on A.
  4. Added a solid background to the yellow faucet.
  5. Added smoothness of the players in some places of the map.

Local improvements of Overpass:

  • Local ambient sounds have been adjusted.
  • Lattice model near the structure was replaced.
  • Fading shadow close to point B from the terrorists’ point.

Size of the latest CS:GO update is 85 MB. To run test client you go to Steam library. To do this, go to the “Properties” tab, then go to “Beta versions” and select ““. To return to the main client, select “Deny” in the corresponding menu.

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