Valve Improves CS:GO Client Stability

On the night of September 17, a patch for CS:GO was released, with which the developers improved the stability of the game client. They also introduced a new algorithm for the behavior of bots in the “Death to Fight” mode and improved the radar on Vertigo.


List of changes:

  • bots in the “Death to Fight” mode now use an experimental decision-making algorithm based on a behavior tree;
  • fixed the problem with the selection of weapons;
  • fps_max command now allows you to limit FPS to 49 frames for PAL monitors with a frequency of 50 Hz;
  • Game recordings can now be viewed in Patrol style. To use the function, you must specify the anonsuspect parameter when starting the demo. Example: playdemo myfile.dem 76540440404404 anonsuspect;
  • fixed some parameters that improve client stability;
  • updated radar on Vertigo.

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