Valve finalized CZ75 and M4A1-S within latest update of CS:GO

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Valve’s programmers adjusted the gameplay of CS:GO. First, CZ75 and M4A1-S weapons were updated. Developers reduced the damage to the pistol and added an additional stack to the rifle. MP7 is also now costs less.

List of general changes:

  • CZ75-Auto now delivers a damage of 31 hp. You are not able to kill the enemy in helmet with one bullet.
  • The stack of M4A1-S has been increased. Now it is 60 bullets.
  • MP7 now costs $1,500.
  • ‘Status’ command does not display a public IP address.
  • Closed graffiti is now to be removed.
  • Bugs of looped sounds were fixed.

Changes on the Mirage map:

  • Skybox has been eliminated.
  • Local textures were changed.
  • Fixed corners near the exit from A and the stairs near the respawn of terrorists.
  • There are no roofs near the window on the central passage now.
  • Bugs of interaction between players and shells are eliminated.

Corrections for Canals:

  • Graphics of the exit on point B is changed.
  • Players near point A an be better viewed.
  • You cannot stand on the CT-based doorframe now.

The update size is 235 MB.

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