Valve banned CS: GO coaches from chatting with the team during online matches in the RMR season

Valve has introduced a new rule for CS: GO team coaches. Now, during official online matches during the RMR Season, they are prohibited from chatting with players, being in the same room with them or on the same channel in voice chat. This rule also applies to managers and other support personnel. It is forbidden to communicate with players from the beginning of the map until its completion.

The developers also punished trainers who were caught using a camera bug by the ESIC. They are now officially banned from participating in any way in Valve events. The term of this punishment is individual for each offender and depends on the severity of the offense, up to a life ban.

In September 2020, ESIC banned over 35 coaches for using a bug with a camera in observer mode and banned them from participating in tournaments. In January 2021, ESIC fined Team Vitality $ 10,000 for streaming sniping.

Valve has updated the rules for the RMR Series for Major Qualifying Points. According to the new regulations, 20% of the points earned for the current event will be deducted for using the sixth player in matches.

The sixth team member will need to be registered in advance. The substitution can be used both between maps and before the start of the match. The return of the main player to the squad will not be penalized. If the team again decides to use a substitute, then points will be taken away from it again.

Points will also be taken for substitutions during the season – 20% of the amount earned in all tournaments. In this case, a maximum of two new players can be taken. If there are three substitutions, the points will be reset to zero.


In the new rules, which were published on January 28, Valve also prohibited coaches from communicating with the team during online matches of the RMR series tournaments. It will be possible to renew the connection only between the cards and after the fights.

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