Valve allowed Syman Gaming not to change logo

Valve agreed to Syman Gaming’s request to keep its original logo on StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 on CS:GO. Previously, the organizers asked the team to change it due to external similarities with the Immortals and GamersClub logos.

The Kazakhstani organization refused to change the logo, which was created by the fan in October 2018, and turned to Valve with a request to resolve the conflict. According to Syman Gaming, the similarity of elements in the images is not plagiarized. The developer of CS: GO took into account the arguments of the team and allowed to keep the logo.

Syman Gaming made it to StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, taking second place in the CIS Minor Championship – Berlin 2019. The major will be held from August 23 to September 8. At the tournament, 24 teams will play a million dollars.

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