TyLoo to participate ZOTAC Cup Master 2018

Картинки по запросу tyloo csgo

Chinese eSports team TyLoo received an official invitation to ZOTAC Cup Master 2018. The other three invites will be distributed between competitors later. Information about this appeared in the official Twitter account of the organization. Earlier, the spot for this event was given to VG.FlashGaming, which also represents the Chinese region. Upcoming championship is going to have 8 participants.

Asian qualification is going to happen on June 5-9. European part of the competition will go on June 22-24. American section will be held from June 30 to July 1. All participants for Asian qualification are already known. They will meet each other at Taipei. European teams will fight for a spot in major championship at one of the e-sports venues in Milan.

Final part of ZOTAC Cup Master 2018 will happen in Hong Kong on August 24-26. Total prize pool of the tournament is $300,000.

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