Twistzz: “Mirage changes seem pretty good”

Russell Twistzz Van Dalken called the changes to the Mirage map good. CS: GO’s Team Liquid player also shared his thoughts on Dust2 changes and said that he would like to bring back some classic features to the map.

“I would like some of the features of the classic Dust2 to return – this would bring balance and make it possible to re-capture point“ B ”after losing it, although now they can start re-making points through tunnels. The Mirage changes seem pretty good. ”

Valve released a patch for CS: GO on the night of January 30th. The developers opened a skybox over the tunnels at point “B” on Dust2 and added a bench on Mirage. You can read about other changes here.

01Astralis party member Emil Magisk Rafe previously suggested that changing Dust2 might help the defense side.

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