Transfer news

Former Hard Legion Esports players Vladislav Krad Kravchenko and Igor Forester Bezotecheskiy will continue their careers as part of the Winstrike Team in CS: GO. Information about their transfer appeared on the club’s official website. At the end of 2020, insider Jarek DeKay Lewis announced that the Russian duo could move to forZe, but later journalist Alexei OverDrive Biryukov denied this information. According to Biryukov, Krad and Forester agreed to cooperate with Winstrike even before the New Year holidays. The parties did not begin to issue a transfer, but decided to wait until the players’ contracts with the Hard Legion run out in January. Krad and Forester will play instead of Vladislav bondik Nechiporchuk and Aydin KrizzeN Turlybekov, who left the team in December 2020. Then the organization said that this decision was made by mutual agreement.

Professional CS: GO player Pavel innocent Mosek is no longer under contract with MAD Lions. He announced this on Twitter. Innocent noted that it is ready to negotiate joining the new team. He also thanked the former teammates for their time together.

Polish esports player Karol rallen Radovic has joined the AGO CS: GO roster. The management announced this on the club’s twitter. After the transition of rallen, there are six players on the AGO roster. Radovic will play at the base, while Eric leman Koseba will be assigned a role similar to Nabil Nivera Benrlitom in Team Vitality and Valeriy B1t Vakhovsky in Natus Vincere – he will play for the team on certain maps. Previously, rallen represented the roster of Viktor TaZ Wojtas ARCY – the team was disbanded in January 2020. After that, Radovic spent almost a year inactive, with the exception of two weeks playing for Illuminar in July.

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