Topa about leaving NAVI Junior: “I want to achieve something more”

Professional CS: GO player Alexei Topa Topchienko said that he left Natus Vincere Junior because he wanted to play in a team of a higher level.

“This leaving NAVI was my sole decision, still to move on. At NAVI, we received an incredible baggage of experience, knowledge, absolutely everything. I am grateful to the NAVI organization and to all the people with whom I worked, especially the players, the coach. Everyone was cool, but I decided to move on, I want to achieve something more. I just have big ambitions. Yes, everyone knows that we cannot play RMR and there are other tournaments. I just want to try to go somewhere further, to another level. “

Topa also shared his opinion on when players should go to the academy, and in which case – to assemble a team on their own:

“I believe that, firstly, it depends on the level of the player. If you conditionally play in the top 40, then you should probably think about going further and playing with players of your level. If you are a player of a lower level, level ten or top-100, then you should definitely strive to get into the academy, because here we have received an incredible amount of such knowledge and, of course, knowledge that will be invaluable and it will hardly be possible to get it anywhere else. ” …

Earlier, the esports organization NAVI put three players of the Natus Vincere Junior youth team on the transfer.

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