THREAT Returns to Ninjas in Pajamas

Ninjas in Pajamas introduced the second CS:GO roster. They became a former player in CS 1.6 Björn THREAT Pers, who helped the team from 2016 to 2018. The organization announced this on the official website.

The announcement says that Pers will help the roster remotely and sometimes join the team during the bootcamp. According to NiP head coach Farouk pita Pita, THREAT should help the team with tactics to enter the points, as well as unlock the captain’s potential.

THREAT began his professional career in 2005. In 2010, he represented Fnatic for several months, with whom he won Arbalet Europe 2010, European Nations Champions 2010 and won prizes in other tournaments. In 2012, he completed his performance on the professional stage, after which he became a Team Acer coach, and then NiP, where he was subsequently replaced by pita.

Ninjas in pajamas
Patrick f0rest Lindbergh
Simon twist eliasson
Fredrick REZ Sterner
Nicholas Plopski Gonzalez
Jonas Lekr0 Olofsson

Farouk pita Pita (head coach)
Björn THREAT Pers (second coach)

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