Thorin on ceh9 and Zeus: “NAVI 2010 players lie about me because of teen morons on the Internet”

Analyst Duncan Thorin Shields accused former NAVI players Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko and Daniil Zeus Teslenko of lying. On Twitter, he said that former esportsmen tarnished his reputation for the sake of “juvenile morons on the Internet.”

“Imagine what a sad life ceh9 and Zeus must have if, after finishing their legendary careers, they lie about me because of the influence of teen morons on the Internet.”

“Dude, what are you talking about? We just commented on your “cool stories” which turned out to be a lie. There was no question of you. I respect you as an esports journalist and historian, but even your brain can make the wrong conclusions. ”

Earlier, Thorin reported that the players of the NAVI 2010 roster were influential and violated the rules of the tournaments. The analyst’s statements were answered by Zeus, John Edward Sukharev and the founder of Natus Vincere, Alexander ZeroGravity Kokhanovsky. Jokingly, they pleaded guilty and told how they beat the organizers of the tournament. Shields said he would continue to disclose hard-hitting information about e-sportsmen.

Analyst Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov spoke about expert Duncan Thorin Shields, who criticized former players of the Natus Vincere CS: GO roster. Kuznetsov doesn’t understand why everyone is talking about Shields. NS tweeted about this.

In the comments under Kuznetsov’s post, RuHub presenter Dmitry NotInMyHouse Krupnov thanked NS for reminding again of the conflict between Thorin and former NAVI players.

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