Thorin: “If I could find evidence that 90% of the best players are cheaters, I would give them up immediately.”

Analyst Duncan Thorin Shields commented on the problem of cheating in the professional CS: GO scene. On Twitter, he tweeted that cheaters should be punished, even when it comes to the best players in the world.

“For me, the topic of cheating is obvious: it’s wrong and cheaters should be punished. Whether it affects one player or all, the worst player or the best player, the terrible person or the nicest of them all, it doesn’t matter. If I found evidence that 90% of the best players are cheaters, then I would immediately surrender them, and burn the professional scene to the ground.

Such people are not worthy of continuing their careers, and this is the only way to set the right example for the younger generation of players. “

Previously, Shields commented on the ban of Hard Legion Esports, Heroic and MIBR coaches for using a camera bug. He likened this to the punishment that Elias Jamppi Olkkonen received early in his career for cheating. The analyst found it strange that the esports player was treated more harshly than the mentors.

“According to the logic of Valve and their words, which they said straight to my face at DreamHack Winter 2014, any team whose coach cheated at the Major should be disqualified from the Major in full. This is what Valve did with Titan.

I think a lot of people overlook the fact that in the past coaches also used this bug, many are now more focused on the punishments that coaches received. Their teams were disqualified and deprived of money. This means that if someone used this bug in a Major and won, they will have to return $ 500,000 and they will be deprived of their champion status. “

On the night of September 1, ESL and DreamHack banned Heroic, MIBR and Hard Legion Esports coaches at their tournaments for using a bug with observer mode in CS: GO. The teams were disqualified from their respective championships and forfeited prize money. Later, Christian k0nfig Vinecke said that team members whose coaches used a bug in CS: GO should also be punished.

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