Thorin explained why CIS teams don’t need a separate CS: GO major

Analyst Duncan Thorin Shields told why, in his opinion, CIS: CS: GO teams no longer need separate minors. In an interview with VPEsports, he noted that the region is already quite developed, and local teams are able to amaze on majors.


“Fans from the CIS say:” Look how our team performed in the championship – we definitely need our major. ” In fact, a good result confirms the opposite. If everything is really so good, then passing a European minor for teams from the CIS would not be a problem, right?

The region would need separate qualifiers if local teams were doing extremely poorly and needed to develop. This can be used by teams from Asia, because the MVP will never pass to the major in other conditions.

In any case, now it doesn’t matter anymore, because at each championship from Valve we can expect that teams from the CIS will be able to do at least something. They always have a chance for an unexpected victory. I think this region can already be called developed in a sense. ”

Shields also said that in the CIS there have always been many talented players, but few strong teams. Among the active rosters, he singled out Team Spirit: according to the analyst, the team has quite a lot of good e-sportsmen who can become new CS: GO stars:

“I don’t care about Asia – they don’t play CS: GO there. Therefore, for me, the CIS was the most undeveloped region on the professional stage. For those who are not in the know, there have always been many talented players here, but there were no organizations to get to all the championships. They also did not have serious tactical training, so they did not win so often, but there were always a lot of good snipers and shooters in the CIS.

It is sad that in the past only HellRaisers played in the CIS, then Gambit – and NAVI, of course. There were always only two teams in the region, and I did not understand why.  Now I consider the most underrated team Team Spirit. As a team, she is not so good, but individually, there are many future stars. Hope to see some of them in AVANGAR or NAVI. Of course, it’s good to add someone like AdreN to the roster, but I would like young players to be given a chance too. ”


The previous CS: GO Major – StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 – was held from August 23 to September 8 in Germany. 23 teams took part in it, five of which represented the CIS. Syman Gaming and forZe did not overcome the preliminary stage, and DreamEaters took off in the group stage. Natus Vincere took 5-8th place, and AVANGAR reached the final, where she lost to Astralis.

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