Thorin: “Before the MIBR scandals, NAVI were the main rule-breakers on the professional scene.”

CS: GO analyst Duncan Thorin Shields stated that in the past, Natus Vincere sometimes used their influence to break tournament rules. On the Return Of By The Numbers podcast with Richard Lewis, Thorin cited a story from the 2010 Arbalet Cup Dallas as an example.

“Before the scandals with Brazilians from MIBR, NAVI was the main violators of the rules on the professional scene. I can tell you a story from the days of Arbalet that clearly shows this. Then NAVI participated in all international tournaments, and Arbalet was the person who founded this team.

I heard that during the Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010 one of the NAVI matches was supposed to start at 9:00. It seemed like it was a duel against mousesports, and NAVI won then. And there NAVI came to connect their devices only at 9:15. The tournament administrator approached them and said: “The game should have started long ago, we will disqualify you if you do not prepare in the next five minutes.” I heard that the NAVI player answered them, and I am not exaggerating: “I will call Arbalet now, and he will stop this tournament if you tell us anything else.” The organizers simply left, because then social networks were not yet such a great tool, and they could not talk about it publicly. And if they had then disqualified NAVI, they would have simply been fired. “

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