“This vote is rubbish”: players criticized ESL for proposing to remove coaches from matches

Professional CS: GO players have voted in favor of expelling coaches from participating in ESL One: Road to Rio matches. Many of them said that teams without mentors would probably want to stop others.

Nikolay device Ridtts noted that the decision on the participation of coaches in matches should be taken by the majority opinion. According to DBLTAP and HLTV.org, mentors will be able to help teams during matches only if all teams unanimously choose this option.

“This ESL vote is complete nonsense. Why are not enough majority votes? Rave”.


Jonathan EliGE Jablonowski said that teams without a coach have no argument in favor of mentors participating in matches. He added that some such groups have already voted to remove assistants from the games.

“Why would teams of five players vote for the participation of coaches in matches? The most logical option for such teams would be to vote against and prevent their rivals. In this case, there will be no unanimous decision. I guarantee that some teams did just that. ”


Fredrik REZ Sterner noted that it will be very difficult to track the implementation of the rule on the ban on the participation of a coach in a match. In this case, everything will be reduced to the mutual trust of the participants in the competition.

“If the coaches are forbidden to be on the server, their participation in the match will be impossible to track, which means that they will make sure that everyone follows the rules. Teams will surely find a way around the system. This is a rule based on mutual trust. ”


According to Owen smooya Butterfield, with a ban on the participation of coaches in online league matches, they will not be able to get closer to LAN tournaments.

“Everyone is trying to imagine that online has completely replaced LAN. It will be difficult when the coaches are forbidden to speak and even be on the server during the match. ”


The voting for the participation of coaches in ESL One: Road to Rio matches was announced on April 21. According to insiders, the teams were given a day to make a decision.

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