TheCraggy about the match between Team Spirit and G2 Esports at IEM: “We confidently take the bet on Spirit to win”

Bookmaker Rating analyst and commentator at RuHub studio Alexander TheCraggy Dumenko gave a prediction for the IEM Katowice 2021 group stage CS: GO match between Team Spirit and G2 Esports. He believes that the Russian team should win this meeting.

“I see a good option for the Spirit team to win. The guys are on an incredible rise, they pass absolutely everyone. If you look at the fact that they passed the BIG with a score of 2: 0, which are in good shape, while G2 are losing to Evil Geniuses, and Comlexity, and the like, it says a lot. It’s not even a matter of statistics, the fact is that Spirit has incredibly boosted somewhere since the middle of last year, perhaps even a little earlier – with the start of online tournaments, Spirit was directly banged into the pandemic along with the team. The results for the CIS region have gone. And if you remember, at the beginning of this year, three CIS teams turned out to be stronger at each tournament. All for the CIS are NAVI, who won BLAST,, who won Summit, and Spirit, who won DreamHack.

I honestly see some potential outcome of 2: 0 here, possible for the Spirit team. Here again, some kind of Train and Mirage, purely theoretically maybe. Will Team G2 take Train against their opponents here? I think not, but in any case the Spirits look very good both in terms of strength and in the map pool.

Therefore, we confidently take the bet on the victory of the Spirit team. Plus, I will scatter express trains, so look, I wish you all good luck, a good day and, of course, an interesting tournament for us. “

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