The third team from the CIS took place on StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

DreamEaters beat INTZ eSports in the Play-In stage among the minors and went on StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 by CS: GO. The match ended with the score 2: 1.

The Russians won the Overpass (16: 6), the Mirage team from Brazil won back from 4:15 and won in overtime, and the decisive Dust2 was won by DreamEaters – 16:12. In a parallel duel of the grid, North will meet with Koreans from MVP PK. The loser will compete with INTZ for the last slot in the Berlin major.

Earlier on StarLadder Major throughZe Major for CIS qualified forZe and Syman Gaming. The main stage of the championship will be held in Germany from August 23 to September 8. Participants will play a million dollars.

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