The most expensive and rare skins in CS: GO

The cost of the skin is a rather controversial concept. The question always arises: how to calculate the price? You can focus on the Steam Market, but often the prices for the same item vary greatly there. The second option (and, perhaps, the most optimal) is to evaluate the cost through third-party exchange sites and reddit, because usually their users monitor the market closely and form the market value of cosmetic items.

Skins in the game a lot. In this article, we will consider those whose price has been holding steady high for a long time. Therefore, here you will not see weapons from the latest cases and with kill counts – basically there will be classics. The cost is also approximate, since it often happens that the price for the same skin can vary almost twice – all because of the patterns that we’ll talk about.

AUG | Akihabara
This skin on AUG appeared in CS in 2015 with the Dawn collection and immediately attracted the attention of players with its striking appearance. The rifle is made in purple and white and has many funny images, for example, the edgy-inscription GET REKT and 1v5 Clutch. The main feature of the skin is an anime-style image of a girl with pink hair.

The name of the skin is a reference to the Tokyo area. Akihabara is one of the most technologically advanced quarters of the Japanese capital. According to Wikipedia, it even has an unspoken nickname – Akihabara Danki Gai, which means “electronic city of Akihabara.”

A skin exists in all its qualities, while the option “Factory Direct” costs twice as much as “Minimal Wear”.


AWP | Medusa
Now one of the classic expensive skins for everyone’s favorite AWP. This is the rarest weapon from the coolest collection “Gods and Monsters”, which also contains the M4A4 | Poseidon and M4A1-S | The fall of Icarus.

It is easy to guess that the rifle depicts the gorgon Medusa, a character in ancient Greek mythology, who turned people to stone with his gaze. The rifle is made in a dark turquoise color, and the butt depicts Medusa herself, whose snake locks occupy the entire AWP barrel.

The rifle exists in all its qualities, and even in the Battle-Hardened version, the picture does not spoil at all – it changes: a patina appears on the weapon, due to which the color becomes closer to green.

M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web
We got to the knives. First in line – M9 Bayonet | Bloody web. Immediately make a reservation that the cost of this knife varies dramatically depending on the pattern. The fact is that the “Blood Web” has many variations of the picture.

If an ordinary player may not even pay attention to it, then experienced traders will immediately see how many cobwebs on the blade – the more there are, the more expensive the skin. The cost of this knife also greatly depends on the deterioration parameter: the lower the float value, the more expensive the knife will be.

Actually calculate the average price tag on the M9 Bayonet | The bloody web is not an easy task. If we consider the most rare pattern (with three cobwebs), then the cost can reach almost $ 4 thousand, and some sites even consider it the most expensive in the game.


Karambit | Doppler (Ruby and Sapphire) / Gamma Doppler (Emerald)

If M9 Bayonet | The bloody web can cost both relatively small and fabulous money, then for the rarest variations of Karambit | Waves and Karambit | Gamma waves will have to fork out thoroughly anyway.

A series of knives “Waves” and “Gamma waves” have a lot of different variations, or, as traders christened them, phases. There are four standard ones (they differ in the degree of predominance of black and one of the complementary colors – blue, red or green). The Black Pearl (“Waves”) comes next in rarity and beauty – one of the sides of this knife is almost completely black.

Particularly rare skins are Ruby, Sapphire (Waves) and Emerald (Gamma Waves): these are bright red, bright blue and bright green, respectively. These knives are already worth a fortune.


AWP | Dragon lore
The crown of skin worship in CS: GO is, of course, AWP | The story of the dragon. One of the rarest and therefore demanded skins in the game, which is part of the Cobblestone collection. This rifle can only be obtained as a random drop or from cases from majors.

AWP | The story of the dragon is made in golden color, and the fire-breathing dragon is depicted on the trunk. At the same time, there is a black-green chess pattern on the muzzle and sight. In a word, beauties!

Due to the rarity of the item, it is again impossible to determine its exact value. The price also depends heavily on the float value: the lower the higher the price. Now AWP | The story of the dragon is inferior in value to some knives (for example, the same Karambit | Gamma waves (Emerald)), but it’s not so simple. The fact is that now Cobblestone has been withdrawn from the competitive map, which means there are no new souvenir cases from the card (respectively, there is no way to get this AWP): if everything remains so for another year and a half, then the price of the “Dragon Story” should only grow.

It is worth mentioning that in this list we did not take into account the versions of skins with rare and expensive stickers (from the first majors) and various items that are interesting only to collectors, such as some common skins with minimal wear or unusual float value.

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