The matter of coins for bets

And we continue our theme about the platforms that provides a kind of gambling game on the basis of the inventory rates, for the most part it Dota2 and CS GO. Most likely many of you are already familiar with all of the aspects and features of these platforms and sites, but there are a few vital ones are still many people worried by them.
Many of these sites offer to exchange the items on the Points, or coin, or just buy these coins for real money. Actually you have to wonder, why do we need this coins? The answer is as simple and so obvious – Coins greatly simplify the whole gameplay for both – you and for site owners. This coin is the full equivalent of a real currency, usually the lower cost per unit. You may ask – how is, it simplifies the process, and that’s how – with a currency, with a lower value for the minimum item cost, you always can more intelligently apply to your bank and bet precisely with the value that you need, which can be extremely important when playing some strategies, and in general is always very important to manage your finances as well as you are able. Among other things, it will also give you the opportunity to purchase items and skins from the site shop, which will help save even insignificant, the difference in the cost of things in exchange. Joking aside a few dozen exchanges – sum up solid numbers. But do not just translate your inventory to the coins, much less buy them, each site has its own price category for Coins. Typically operates the following rates or something close to it – $ 1 per hundred coins. Nevertheless, always specify this information on the site, it should be mandatory, and if any information on the website is not presented – stay away from these sites. There have also been known cases where sites translated value of objects on the coin – Screw the cost, stimulating buy more points, and so on.
If you do not know which site to choose, select the site that there is a greater amount of time – it is always an indicator of quality that is reflected in the support, the size of the store, integrity, reliability and usability of the site. Once you have decided on what site you are willing to work for a long time and ensure the quality of services provided by this site, you can easily sell your inventory, transfer and acquire turned him aside Coins or Coins for real money – as you see fit. It is also worth noting the increased functionality of these points, because at different sites exist to several game modes, and some of them do not support the rate of subjects only bet in a coin equivalent. Some of these modes have no other shortcomings, and will allow you to greatly multiply like your bank such as classic roulette or rock, paper, scissors.
Even more – many sites presents bonus system that allow you to get free points by inviting your friends or sharing the links on the different social webs which is also nice to hear.

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