The head of NiP resigned from the board of directors of one of the club’s sponsors

The CEO of Ninjas in Pajamas, Hisham Shahin, left the board of directors of Xtrify, an eSports device manufacturer sponsored by the club. At the same time, the head of the team retained 50% of the company’s shares. Organizations did not comment on the change of leadership.

According to Creditsafe, Sahin resigned from Xtrify shortly after an interview with Richard Lewis with Robin Fifflaren Johansson. In it, a former NiP CS: GO roster talked about management problems in 2012-2013.

After Fifflaren spoke about the situation in Ninjas in Pajamas, he was supported by other former club players, including Richard Xizt Landstrom, Michael Maikelele Bill and Adam friberg Friberg. The full chronology of the conflict can be found in our material.

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