The CS:GO Players’ Union about the ban of coaches: “For breaking the rules, a commensurate punishment must follow”

The CS:GO Players’ Union (CSPPA) has expressed its position regarding the ban of Heroic, MIBR and Hard Legion Esports coaches at ESL and DreamHack tournaments. The representatives of the association noted that players always cooperate with everyone involved in the competitive scene to fight against violations of the rules. They also called on tournament operators to impose adequate punishment for the offense.

“The CSPPA discussed with the ESL its decision regarding the use of a bug in the spectator mode in CS: GO by some trainers.

Compliance with the rules in competition is critical to the game we all love, and the CSPPA fully agrees that violations of the rules must be punished with commensurate penalties for those in charge, including players if they were involved.

We think there is much more that can be done to further develop and improve the rules and processes for competition violations in professional CS: GO.

To this end, players seek to partner with tournament operators and other stakeholders in the ecosystem: ESL, FLASHPOINT, DreamHack, StarLadder, Beyond the Summit, ESIC.

We want to ensure that any punishment is fair, in particular:

  1. Everyone should be given the right to be heard (with specific accusations) pending a final verdict.
  2. Everyone should be able to apply to an independent body.
  3. Penalties must be imposed on the basis of clear rules, which are communicated in advance to players and coaches.
  4. Any penalty imposed must be commensurate with the violation given that it affects the standard of living of players and coaches.

A more open process will benefit not only the players, but the entire CS: GO ecosystem. Thank you ESL for the prompt response to our appeal. “

On August 31, ESL and DreamHack banned Hard Legion Esports, Heroic and MIBR coaches at their tournaments for using a CS: GO bug that allowed mentors to move the camera around the map regardless of the position of their players


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