The court rejected Jamppi’s request to Valve to remove the VAC-ban during the proceedings

The Uusimaa District Court (Finland) rejected a request from ENCE eSports player Elias Jamppi Olkkonen to Valve, in which the cybersportsman demanded that the VAC ban and related restrictions on the duration of the trial be removed from his previous account. According to Finnish media, Valve also intended to refuse Olkkonen.

Jamppi now has seven days to file an appeal. The cybersportsman did not say whether he intends to do this.

The court’s refusal in this case does not mean that the final decision in the Jamppi case will also be in favor of Valve. Initially, the esportsman demanded that the CS: GO developers remove the VAC-ban from his account, allow him to perform at the majors, and also pay compensation in the amount of € 268,092, but in July he changed his decision. Now the player wants to receive € 228,092, as well as to remove the block from the account – Olkkonen no longer applies for permission to participate in the Majors.

The Finnish media expressed doubts that the Uusimaa District Court will be able to deliver a verdict on the case, since the body does not have the proper powers. At the same time, the representatives of the court did not comment on the situation and refused to inform the journalists at what stage the case was being considered.

Jamppi received a VAC ban in 2015. According to the player, he gave the account to a friend during a LAN party, and he used cheats. The esportsman decided to sue Valve in March 2020. Olkkonen insists that at the time of the violation, the account did not belong to him, and Valve’s decision made it impossible for him to join OG.



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