Team Vitality coach on the sixth player: “We will be making changes to the squad during the matches.”

Team Vitality CS: GO coach Remy XTQZZZ Kwonyam said that the sixth player of the team Nabil Nivera Benrlitom started training with a roster. The mentor noted that the team plans to make substitutions right during the matches.

“This week we will start training with Nivera. We have already received a slot on BLAST. Thus, Nabil will play some maps to assess his potential. This is designed to make it easier to integrate, build trust in the team, and get used to teammates. As you understand, we will make changes to the squad during the matches in accordance with the maps. “

Kwonyam explained why Vitality decided to sign the sixth member. The mentor said that now the number of CS: GO tournaments forces the teams to resort to substitutions. According to him, rosters of five people cannot consistently maintain good game shape, given the busy schedule. XTQZZZ also stated that the factor of psychological burnout is very important, so the members of the squad need to be able to step back from the game for a while.

Team Vitality signed the sixth member to the CS: GO roster in mid-October. As previously suggested by insiders, it was the younger brother of Adil ScreaM Benrlitom Nabil Nivera Benrlit.

Team Vitality now:

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