Team Spirit coach spoke about the team’s bootcamp before qualifying for CS: GO minor

Team Spirit CS: GO coach Nikolai Certus Poluyanov told how the team was getting ready for the CIS Minor Championship qualification – Rio 2020. He noted that since the bootcamp was short, the team worked on the “points” of the game.

“They worked more on communicative things at the bootcamp. There are some things that do not work out very well, and we are trying to quickly and efficiently solve them, if possible. If I understand that it is really possible to quickly fix it, then we do it. If you see that you will begin to deepen and you can only break everything, then I don’t even touch it. We will have an interval [during which] and we will do it. We are working on some specific points.

For example, there is a problem with pistol rounds. I see that in practice we do not really succeed, and in official matches we lose them almost all the time. Immediately I start to re-encrypt, add, change something. ”

On the night of March 6, in the qualification for the CIS Minor Championship – Rio 2020 Team Spirit defeated ESPADA with a score of 2: 0 and went to the LAN finals of the championship. It should be held from April 26 to May 2 in Rio de Janeiro. Championship participants will play $ 50,000 and two slots on the ESL One Rio 2020 major.

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