SuNny: “I was not interested in any team except ENCE”

CS:GO player Miikka suNny Kemppi commented on his move to ENCE eSports. In an interview with the Finnish portal veikkaus, he explained why he chose this team.

“I was not interested in any team except ENCE. This is the best Finnish squad that makes me responsible for making it the best CS: GO in the world.

After a short break in my player career, I talked to allu and we decided it would be fun to play together again. He said that I will be the star of the team, so I am responsible for her victory. ”

In addition, suNny said that he left mousesports because the organization did not want to allocate money for new players, and he did not want to play in a team that “will simply be in the top 10”.

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