“Substitutions are the most extreme measures” – AdreN on VP captains, team issues and reaction tests

Why did Dauren AdreN Kystaubaev become the captain of Virtus.pro CS: GO roster? Kazakhstan e-sportsman found out from him what he thinks about the team’s last failures, how he will lead the team and whether the team can reach the final of the major again.

– You have not had official games for a month. What was the team doing at this time?

– We went home, took a little rest. After that, they decided that I would be back as captain. At this time, we developed new tactics and style of play, and I mastered the captain’s role.

– How did the team come to the fact that it is necessary to change the captain?

– Our recent results were not satisfactory. I will not say that this was due to the fact that someone called poorly, we just decided that at the moment this decision would at least not make it worse – you can try. I already had experience – I was a captain in Gambit Esports, and at the initial stage it turned out pretty well.

How did you come to this? We just talked: we had a brainstorm, we thought how to improve the game and start winning again. We need a high-level sniper: Jami Jame Ali is already like that, but we wanted him to focus on his game, so that we had a player like Mathieu ZywOo Erbo or Alexander s1mple Kostyleva. In Counter-Strike, a sniper has always been one of the key positions: in almost all the top teams, the best players are snipers.

It will also be easier for me to play, because I myself will build the game and understand what is happening. Such changes can help us and restore lost ground. We are trying to refresh our game. The last two weeks we have been doing pretty well in training, let’s see how it will be in official matches.

– When Virtus.pro signed you, you said that you had a long bootcamp, where you gained a lot. Are you building everything from scratch now?

– No, I’m just trying to convey my vision of the game to the guys. For them, the new captain is also new. Old developments remain. Maybe I’ll filter out something, add something. My vision of the game is that any strategy is developed through long training: you can’t just peek and copy something somewhere, the strategy should fit the style of the game, the temperament of the players, and who and how it is convenient to move around. All this is revealed through training and communication. Therefore, I eliminated some strategies, and left those that suit us.

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