“Strict in the game, kind in life” – what they say about the end of a career gob b

On August 2, it became known that gob b had ended his CS:GO player career. Professional players and former teammates of Dake shared their views on the situation.

The former mousesports CEO recalled a time when gob b was playing as part of a team.
“Congratulations on a great career gob b. You are truly one of the best and most sincere players I have met in mousesports and eSports in general. “I will never forget what we created, what we achieved and what we went through together.”

ptr, with whom the German played in 2016, noted that he had gained the best experience speaking with Dake.
“The experience of playing with gob b was one of the best that I have gained in CS. I can tell a lot about working with Fatih, but I’ll just say that it was one of the best teammates I met in this game. ”

apEX said that gob b made a huge contribution to the success of the German scene, and kennyS spoke about the personal qualities of the German.

“Gob b has long been a huge part of the success of the German scene, as well as a good person. We will miss him. Be proud of your career, you are a legend. ”

“Besides being a great and talented player, gob b is also an amazing person. I had a lot of fun with you and your team. Great career. ”

MAJ3R said that he did not have the opportunity to talk with Dake personally, but he is sure that the German will miss CS.
“It is very sad that this legend ended her career performing on the professional stage with CS 1.6. I didn’t have the opportunity to talk with you personally, but you’ll probably miss this game, Fatih. ”

Gabriel FalleN Toledo said gob b is one of the best leaders against which the Brazilian had a chance to play.
“I have great respect for your work. You are one of the best leaders that I managed to play against. What will happen next depends only on where you direct your energy. ”

denis and kakafu also did not miss the opportunity to say a few words about Dake.

“Congratulations on an impressive career! It is sad that we could not continue our success, which we achieved in 2015. I wish you all the best for the future, whatever you do. ”

“When I moved from PENTA to BIG, I thought that I already knew a lot about CS, but it turned out that I did not even know 5%. Gob b taught me a lot and showed his view of the game. I will miss those nights when we talked and argued! Strict in the game, kind outside of her. The real captain. “

 tabseN, which gob b has been playing with since 2016, said that it was thanks to Dake that he was who he was.
“First of all, I want to note how grateful I am to Fatih. It was he who made me who I am today. The decision to join the NRG then was spontaneous, and I could not imagine that everything would turn out so well. Fatih, I am grateful for every moment spent together. Of course, this applies to all other teammates, but the adventures that I experienced with you and LEGIJA were wonderful. This completely changed me, not only as a player, but also as a person. After that, the BIG era began – the best time of my life. We wanted to build something really grand and did it. ”

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