StarSeries schedule and groups released

600px-SL_i-League_StarSeries_Season_2_csgoSL i-League StarSeries Season 2 Finals announced schedule and groups. The offline part of the tournament will begin in two days and we now know how groups will looks like:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
NiP G2 Natus Vincere
dignitas FaZe Astralis EnVyUs
GODSENT FlipSid3 Heroic Cloud9
HellRaisers MVP project TyLoo VG.CyberZen

The teams will fight in double-elimination bracket form, where the first day matches, as well as the second day losers and winners matches will be BO1, and they will be played in a studio environment. Here is schedule of the games for the first day on lan’s:

Wednesday, September 7th
10:00 NiP vs. HellRaisers BO1
11:30 GODSENT vs. dignitas BO1
13:00 G2 vs. MVP project BO1
14:30 FaZe vs. FlipSid3 BO1
16:00 Natus Vincere vs. TyLoo BO1
17:30 Astralis vs. Heroic BO1
19:00  Group C – Winners match BO1
20:30 EnVyUs vs. Cloud9 BO1

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