Starix on transferring flamie to the reserve: “It feels like a veiled kick”

The coach of the former Hard Legion Esports CS: GO roster Sergey starix Ischuk shared his opinion on the temporary replacement of Yegor flamie Vasiliev with Valery B1t Vakhovsky in the Natus Vincere roster. The Ukrainian specialist recalled the period of joint work with Vasiliev and said that the player is now not in the best shape.

“From the very beginning, when he came to my position as a player, he had a very tough aim, which made him stand out in the NAVI lineup. This was his trump card. Of course, our experienced team improved his understanding of the game, structure, teamplay, team spirit. He got into a strong team. Over time, flamie became a full-fledged and good player in the NAVI team. He had problems related to his age. I think this is normal and adequate. We worked in this regard and achieved success.

Recently, he has lost that trump card – shooting. Everyone is used to the fact that this is a player who kills everyone in the head, leaving no chance. I don’t know why or how it happened. Perhaps this was due to the fact that he began to play in other positions due to the fact that there were many replacements in the team. These are replacements for seized, Edward, Zeus, GuardiaN. New players were constantly coming in, and they were changing positions on the maps. When there are a lot of line-up changes, you can give other players your tough positions, which you feel comfortable in, for the good of the team. Plus, what I’ve seen in games is that flamie often plays the role of the second sniper on the team. We saw it on Overpass, Dust2 and I think Nuke when he was on the ramps. It’s hard for me to talk about kicks, substitutions in the current roster, because now I have nothing to do with NAVI. To reason and give expert opinion, you need to know more about the team and internal relationships. It seems to me that Yegor did not shoot a certain number of kills, which he should have, and he has been playing lately under pressure – primarily moral, which affected him. It was pressure from the community, from the team. Flamie himself understood that he was underplaying somewhere. Apparently, the organization decided to give him a break. ”

It feels like a veiled kick. The team says they take a break, but most likely they will kick him, and that’s it. If they start losing even harder and the real reason is B1t, then flamie, of course, will give a chance. If NAVI succeeds, then I see no reason for Yegor to remain on the roster. “

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