stanislaw talked about changing captain at NRG Esports

Peter stanislaw Yarguz said that NRG Esports had already changed the style from his coming to the role of captain. In an interview with HLTV, Yarguz noted that the team easily adapts to new ideas.

“I started to bring in my ideas as soon as I joined the team. Of course, it took me a little time to determine the strengths of the composition, so initially I just took all the daps positions and began to gradually change the style. I think now we have already noticeably deviated from the old system in the team. The team constantly adds something new on each map, but with the current tournament schedule, the work is hard, so there are no major changes yet.

We understand each other perfectly in the composition. Tarik always helps me if I have no ideas or do not notice something. He gives a lot of information and plays well without my teams. I think this applies to everyone in the team – they quickly react and adapt to any situation. Probably, this is exactly how we should play in CS: GO today, because the one who makes fewer mistakes wins. ”


Stanislaw joined NRG Esports on June 11 – in the line-up he took the place of Damien daps Steele.

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