SPUNJ appealed to the CS: GO developers: “The community would like a new operation”

Analyst and former esports player Chad SPUNJ Burchill asked the CS: GO developers to release a big update for the shooter. He also tweeted that players are waiting for a new operation. His entry was liked by the official shooter account.

“Dear Father, also known as CS: GO, I hope you are doing well in this crazy time for humanity. I know Gabe wants to take you to New Zealand, that’s cool. Today I want to ask you for an update. About a big update. We love your game and I think the community would like a new operation. “

The last operation in CS: GO was Shattered Web, which started in November 2019 and ended in March 2020. Valve is rumored to be working on adapting the Tuscan map for a competitive mode.

Earlier Gabe Newell said that some of the company’s employees may move to New Zealand. According to Newell, the coronavirus has dealt a tangible blow to the development of new projects, and the move will be a good decision for further activities in the context of the pandemic.

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