Somedieyoung about the latest NAVI results: “I think the guys will figure it out and get stronger”

Team Spirit player Viktor somedieyoung Orujov said his team was confident of winning ESL One: Road to Rio in CS: GO. In an interview with GameInside, he also talked about Natus Vincere’s unsuccessful performance at the tournament.

Orujov believes that his team managed to cope with the pressure in the final match:

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“Any finals have their own pressure on the team. Not specifically for ours – in general. The main task: to cope with it, I think we succeeded. The game was more or less equal, but we had not a bit of doubt that we would win. ”

Somedieyoung thinks Natus Vincere will be able to solve problems and become stronger:

“It was unexpected for everyone, as you have already noticed, but we did not focus on this and just continued our journey. Why it didn’t work out – I don’t have a clue, I think the guys will figure it out and, as usual, they will only get stronger.

Orudzhev said that he still has enough time to continue his career, but said that he would like to achieve even higher results as early as possible:

“I believe that still age takes its toll. As we can note, there are no 35 players at all. I would not say that I have little time, on the contrary, it is enough. I just want to be as productive as possible, and do it as soon as possible. The goal is only victories, and the road to them is very difficult.”

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