Snappi: “Compared to other countries, player roles are very important in Denmark”

Marco Snappi Pfeiffer explained the uniqueness of the Danish CS: GO scene.

 ForZe players mentioned that EPICENTER is an important tournament for them. What about the upcoming quarter-finals

I think Heroic and forZe are similar: we are considered one of the best at DreamHack Open level tournaments. Therefore, I think that it will be a great match. We have already met twice, and the games have always been very equal, even though we won. However, at that time we were in slightly better shape than now. ForZe added, so again I expect a serious fight and look forward to the game. I repeat, they have a very good team. Our attitude is to give out the maximum we are capable of now. This is a lot of stress, but EPICENTER is the last tournament of the year, after which we will have a week-long break for the Christmas holidays, and on January 3 we will be back in service. Everyone in the team is trying their best.

Now there are many tier-1 tournaments on the stage. Do you think this is good or bad

“What is coming is for the worse.” I understand that everything goes to the franchise model, but the fact that there will be no mousesports and Fnatic at BLAST Premier is a big mistake for the organizers. If the rest of the tournament operators will invite those who have more money and not who has stronger rosters, the scene will change dramatically. It all comes down to which organization will be ready to pay more money in order to redeem a particular composition.

Heroic is in the top 20 area. How do you approach grand matches: do you play in your own style or try to adapt to your opponent

Something in between. In fact, there is not much difference in who you meet. In any case, you look for weaknesses, and then see if you can somehow take this into account given the strategies and rounds that have been worked out. Sometimes it turns out right away: for example, you notice that someone from the opposing team takes the same positions over and over again, and use it. It all depends on the opponent. Some teams have systems, while others tend to improvise. Against the latter, it is usually worth playing in your own style, but against the more structured ones you have to come up with countermeasures.

What goals does the composition set for 2020

From the very beginning, our goal was to gain a foothold in the top 10. This year failed. On the other hand, who knows how EPICENTER will turn out for us and how this will affect the rating. We still want to end the year on a good note and prove that we are Denmark’s second strongest team.

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