Smooya about North America: “There are too many players who play poorly and call others weak”

Owen smooya Butterfield expressed his opinion on the North American CS: GO scene. He believes that local players of the second and third echelons prefer to stream for money rather than improve their personal level.

“There are too many players in North America who play poorly and do not seek to improve, but call others weak. Many people stream FPL just for the money and, obviously, want to show interesting content on the broadcast. Others have a huge ego, and they have never even entered the Pro League. And I’m not talking about the teams against which I played. Unfortunately, it was hard to even train there, because all the top teams were then at the bootcamp in Europe.  In general, the American scene has a long way to go to build shooting range 2 and shooting range 3. And the FPL system, unfortunately, is really imperfect. ”

Smooya spent six months in North America. From March to June 2019, he represented Denial eSports and played as a substitute for Renegades in two tournaments, and from January to March 2020, the Briton played for Chaos. Butterfield left the team because he could not get a work visa in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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